Tactical Strike is a specific game style server built to fill a niche of small tactical operations for TacticalGamer. Its aims are to to use the Arma 3 engine to create small special ops type missions that have 6-8 players tops with strict mission time limits. Think Ghost Recon but in Arma 3.

No game out there exists that really fills this niche at the moment. A fast paced cooperative mission that also requires planning and teamwork to achieve success. Insurgency is probably the closest game out there at the moment. But lets add in the multiple stances, head movement, amazing mission customization that A3 allows...well we can tailor the missions so they are only limited by our imagination.

Here are the bullet points:
  • 6-8 players (hard limt)
  • 1 hour limit on missions (mission will fail if timed out)
  • Open server - no password, public welcome

This has been conceived as almost trying to create a new game from within A3. It will not be like anything else that we are offering as we are building a whole distinct experience. The same Arma Admin team you know and love will be heading up the policing of this server to ensure that public play meets TG standards.

However, there is more. Tactical Strike is also firmly routed in the present day. It is largely about special operations targeting insurgent or guerrilla combatants. To that end we had to get some new weapons and enemy units. We are starting out with the following:
  1. Robert Hammer's M4 variants for A3 - beautiful models that look and feel great to use
  2. Middle Eastern Conflict mod - adds a lot of insurgent type units and vehicles (it's really a collection of mods due to the number of dependancies)
  3. Bornholm - an incredible new terrain that was built for the Make Arma Not War contest. Back to coniferous trees and many areas that may remind you of Chernarus. It's a truly unique map that has many varied terrains and fighting conditions.

First off, you will require PlayWithSix (PWS). Due to some of the MEC dependancies not being signed by a key, PWS has done that. So, we are using that key and thus you will have to get the mods from this source. Thankfully, PWS now allows us to share mod collections and once you have PWS installed you will be able to grab the collection with a simple link.

Link to the TACTICAL STRIKE MOD COLLECTION in your browser
Link to the TACTICAL STRIKE MOD COLLECTION from within PWS or:
You will get in your folders:

You can choose within PWS to install your mods to your ...Documents\Arma 3 folder or into your game directory. It will also ask you if you want to copy your existing mods instead of downloading. The total size is close to 3 gigs. We may change this as we develop this concept.

More info will be coming soon. Remember, your admins are not your tech support desk. You may find them willing to help you but they do not owe anyone here to drop their limited game time to walk you through getting PWS and the mods configured.

The server is running at and port 2353. It is live and running now. We hope you enjoy this new flavour of gaming at TacticalGamer. We know these alterations should bring a good bunch of TG players into the A3 world again and it will offer up some new content for the A3 crowd as well. We are really looking forward to how this will develop in the next few weeks. Join us for a few games won't you?