Tonight at 1900 Zulu (6pm New York)
presents a
Tactical Battlefield Weekend

Team vs Team
ArmA 3

Did you ever play Project Reality for ArmA? Tactical Battlefield (or TacBF) has pushed that envelope far beyond and is better! For the cost of a few minutes to download a few gigs of the RHS: US and RU mods (2 gig), TacBF (very small), TaskForceRadio (because in-game VON is only close to being fixed) and THATS can be in for a full Friday night and Saturday ALL DAY of TacBF fun!


This all started when Socom approached me a couple months back to join him playing a TeeTimes version that is out there. I started researching all the different TvT options that are out there looking for a NON-MOD solution. However, when I took a closer look at TacBF I was just blown away at how great a package they have put together. This just stood out and made the mod world make sense again.

So many of the player issues that would come up have an engineered control. Like firing from or inside your main base. The interaction menus are intuitive. The gameplay is smooth. The RHS vehicles and weapons take us out of the future and into a world you can relate to. The teamwork is just awesome. And building missions for it has been dead easy.

We invite you to check this out with us starting tonight. From what I've heard, we can expect to fill the server so get set up and ready!

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