So there I was posting the other day when I noticed that my post number was approaching 5000. My jaw hit the floor a bit. I've spent how much time writing about and organizing games? How many more games could I have played instead of writing 5000 posts? What is wrong with my math here?

But then, the little "reward" light went off in my head. "Hey...", I said to myself, "...I'll probably get some cool forum award when I reach 5000!" A pre-mature spurt of dopamine hit my system in anticipation. Only 50 more posts to go!

I must have fallen asleep after that because I didn't notice much until yesterday when I realized that the 5000 mark had come and gone. There was no flashing banner when I logged in after post 5001. No gift certificate came spewing out of the coffee holder (aka CD tray). No personal phone call from Apophis to say, "Congratulations but will you log out of the box once in a while?"

This forum game may have a great story but the action is a little scant. Just sayin.

Ah, well, I shouldn't complain...when I do get in game there is always more people playing along with me than if we didn't make this forum an interesting place to check out on coffee breaks, at the bus stop, during someones long meandering pointless musings....hey I bet you already clicked on another blog post didn't you!