We are gearing up for the new DLC for ArmA 3 called Apex. This will be in effect on our server from day one. We are very excited to see these changes coming to the dev branch as the team at Bohemia Interactive Studios prepare this content for release.

The studio has been going so far and above to support new content on the ArmA 3 platform from both in house development and improvements to giving unparalleled support to modders and community content. This will be a very exciting time to get into Arma again.

Check out some of the sneak peaks some of our players have been exploring. I'll bring more as it comes in...

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Hopefully vehicles and weapons will come to dev branch soon so we know exactly what they're like, but I already have an estimate on everything. For now, here's some more screenshots of Tanoa...

Less than 50 meters forward on this one there is this tiny village you can't even see

approx. 6 kilometers of open ground from this tip of the Volcano to the shoreline behind the Town and the industrial area in the distance

1 of the 5 airfields on the map and they're placed like in Altis: Center, NW, NE, SW and SE. This is the South-east one on one of the medium-sized islands, and is the only one that has a town adjacent to it this close. Unlike Altis, these airfields all have the same size of around 800 meters. In comparison, the smallest airfield in North-west Altis is 400 meters which is sufficient for fixed-wing take off and landing while the main airfield is 1500 meters.

The largest Town on the map, Georgetown, surrounded by forest, ocean and smaller islands

Take the bridge or cross the water? tempting choices both..