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Join TacticalGamer.com
to play a weekend long campaign on

We will start early evening on Friday night and begin to take back Takistan!

How does this work?
We will ask players to sign up to indicate what times they expect to be able to play. This will give leadership a chance to organize events with expected numbers of players. Players are encouraged to jump in any time you are free! If you can give a heads up in the forums then our efforts should be better organized and that equals better game play for all!

We will need to perform logistics, take new ground, set up defenses on new forward operating bases (FOB), improve our reputation with the civilians and push back the CSAT backed FIA uprising!

How important are After Action Reports?
Filing your AAR is critical to letting the next group of players know what you have done, what you have seen, what your intention is for the future, what resources are where, and lets not forget to get the hype built up and get the next group of players pumped for their patrol!

The great thing about this is we can play at times more convenient for our own time zones and just make sure we leave good intel for next group.

How do roles work?
While we would like to restrict your role to one kit then we would not be able to adapt as players come & go. You will have the option to save your gear & position but you may also change your role and start back at the main base when you rejoin.

Can my in-house squad team up as a distinct team?
If you are a member of a TacticalGamer.com In-House Squad then we will make this happen as long as we are being welcoming and kind to any guests on the sever at the same time. The admin team will do their very best to support in-house squad teams while balancing the needs of the population. Any other groups are encouraged to post in the CAA thread if you have any further requests or questions you feel are better put there.