Having done blogging before, I'm pretty familiar with the system and how it works. However, when I sit down to consider a blog, the first question I ask is whether or not I have something to contribute to a blog. Why write it? What can I provide the community that others may not be able to or may not have thought of.

Catman has the insanity angle covered, so I have to scratch that. Others here likely have discussed current events or ongoing events in the various games that Tactical Gamer hosts.

Well, when in doubt talk about the weather, right?

There are several interests I could talk about. Anime, for example, is one of my favorite hobbies. To the point, in fact, that I attend anime conventions both as a visitor and as a staffer. I could try to talk photography, one of my other hobbies. I could try to talk writing. Maybe I should talk about them all. What's to say?

So if you see a second post here, it means I found something to talk about. If not... well, then I think you know my decision. :)