So I'm in line at Wal-Mart this evening to pick up some catfood and one or two other items. Standing in the express lane and it's around 10 PM and there are two women ahead of me, with two kids, pushing one cart that has to have at least 40-50 items. In the express lane - 20 items maximum.

I tell this story first because I am lately struggling to wrap my head around some of the stupidity I'm seeing lately in the world. For example, there seems to be this wonderful movement going on - at least here in the US - where people do not want to compromise. They want what they want and they'll be damned if anyone stops them. I have even seen something similar to this show up around TG before, where people do not want to work together to make something great but would rather, instead, stick to the course they think is best and damn the rest.

Now some call me an idealist. Others call me a moderate. I'm not quite sure just what I am. But what I do know is that there seems to be some sort of polarization going on in the world. People are less willing to work together and more willing to do what benefits them. And it really saddens me to see this.

So, am I seeing things, or is this something that really does exist? Am I over-thinking things? I really wish I knew.