So, here's an idea (not mine): How about (this is a rhetorical question), every Monday (spoiler alert: it won't be every Monday, though I'll try to make this semi-regular), I cram anything particularly interesting/funny that I've seen recently, along with any recommendations for things I think you should be watching/playing/reading/eating etc. into a blog post and publish it here for your viewing pleasure?
Now, without wishing to present too-disgusting a similie, this is akin to my vomiting lots of links all over this page, so the writing quality probably won't be of excellent quality. Plus I'm tired.
Here goes:

Drunk History. - Apparently everyone's already heard of this but I hadn't and neither had anyone I mentioned it to (three people) so I'm assuming that you're the same. Some people get drunk and talk about their favourite historical event. Extremely funny but NSFW (obviously), plus the (infrequent) vomiting isn't pleasant to watch.

Hark! A Vagrant. - It's a webcomic! It's very funny! It features Nikola Tesla (check out Drunk History 6, above, for more Tesla) and George Orwell!

Kieron Gillen on the ever-useful Twitter (say what you like about it, it's where I get about 90% of the awesome stuff I see from) alerts me and 4856 other people to "the greatest moment in RPS comment thread history."
See it here.

"But what is RPS?" I hear you ask, even before I post this blog entry. is probably my favourite website ever (sorry, TG!). Four (or more) chaps write about PC gaming - news, 'reviews', random opinions - nearly all worth reading.

Last Exit To Nowhere. Now, um, I haven't actually bought anything from these guys, so this isn't really a recommendation. More of a heads-up if you're interested. Some pretty awesome looking t-shirts with designs inspired by famous movies, including this amazing 'I-want-one-so-bad' 'will-hopefully-order-soon' 'I-haven't-actually-seen-Soylent-Green' Soylent Corporation shirt.

Last one, don't worry:
This was posted on RPS a few weeks ago, check it out.


So, yeah. This might become a regular feature on my tiny little corner of this minute fraction of the internet (in which case - yay, and thanks for reading!), or it might end here (in which case - ah well, but thanks for reading.).

Finally, because no blog entry is complete without a Mass Effect (still playin'!) picture, here you go: