We're getting two kittens/cats next week, and we're a bit stuck for names. They're both boys, one is orange-brown with dark spots (like a leopard), and the other is silver-grey with dark spots. They're a partly-African breed and we were thinking of possible African names for them - I want to call the brown one Simba. :) But we're stuck for other names, so the internet is the logical place to turn. That's you. Yes, you, [YOUR NAME HERE].
You don't have to suggest African names though - we're thinking of Grigio for the grey one (it means grey in Italian), or Argentum/Argento (Latin for silver).

Any suggestions would be appreciated - we've got a week so there's no rush, but I'm away all week and we get the cats the day after I get back, so I won't be able to check suggestions as they arrive.


- westy.