It's been three days since the outbreak.

Yesterday was horrible. Our group of 5 got over-run by walkers, and I was the lone survivor. This morning I awoke in a ditch on the side of the road between Zelenogorsk and Drozhino; stranded, without ammo, and dying of thirst.

Thirsty, with three empty canteens, my first goal was water. I used the 'supplies map' to learn that there was a well in Bor... so that's where I would go. I quietly walked south, into the forest.

When I reached Bor, I was disheartened to find it to be swarming with walkers. Without any ammo, I slowly crept around to the south side of town. I infiltrated from the south, making my way into a few backyards, but not finding the water-pump. With no ammo or friends, it was intense. Is this how it's going to end? Completely racked with anxiety, I had to just lay there prone a few times, while the moaning, groaning undead crept around me just meters away. Eventually I found the house with the pump filled and drank one canteen, then refilled all three. (FYI, the Bor well/pump is north of the intersection, where the bottom of the red p is on the avidblur map.)

From there, I figured I'd go checkout Pavlovo, so I headed west, up and over the hill. On the way I found two hunting-stands. One had a .45ACP mag and another had an AK74 with one 30rnd mag and a flashlight!! I stashed them in my pack and continued on to to the town.

Pavlovo's a pretty small town, but it does have a little grocery/convenience store. I went inside and found lots of stuff all over the place! After a few minutes of sorting through the supplies, I heard the unmistakable sound of survivor footsteps creeping along the outside of the building! Instant squirt of adrenaline! I've read the stories - is THIS could how it ends for me!?

I spoke over local VOIP letting them know I was inside and friendly, but well-armed. The guy turned out to be chill and we both rummaged through the copious ammo, food, soda, chemlights, flares, and other supplies. Moments later a walker rambled in the front door, then another... then there were 10 dead walkers laying inside the front of the store. My new buddy and had run out of Makarov shells and had started using his Lee Enfield rifle. That thing is LOUD, and before we could think, we were surrounded. I went into a backroom hoping for an escape route, but there were 7 more in there slowly wobling our way!! Nearly out of ammo, I told the other guy "we gotta get outa here!" He poked his head in the back-room door and started taking them down with the rifle. BAM! BAM BAM! BAM!

I turned and booked it out the front door, up the hill and out of town. About half way up, I turned around and put down the one hopper that was entow with my M1911. Once he was down, my attention focused up, back on the town lying below - my heart skipped a beat when I saw what must have been 20 zombies sprinting through the town after the other guy! I'd gotten out just in time. Thanks friend-slash-bait, don't know who you are, but you saved my life.

Under a solitary tree in the big, sloping field east of town, I bandaged myself up and caught my breath. I got my bearings on the map and hustled the remaining few hundred yards up the hill to the treeline. I found a nice tight cluster of pines and layed down for the night. Feeling a HUGE sense of relief, I ate a can of Spaghetti-O's and then sorted my gear; stowing rarely used stuff (flares, mags for guns I don't have, etc) in my pack, and then virtually dozed off to virtual sleep.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for me.