Today I discovered the music Metallica for the first time.

Prior to this moment it had been a distant island on the horizon. An island that was having a loud party where you couldn't quite make out the words to the music, music you thought you might like but didn't want to make the commitment to purchase the albums to find out, to metaphorically swim to the island and be disappointed when you got there to find out it was a dance mix of the theme tune to 'The Hills'. Still a couple of albums later I am enjoying the racket.

Whilst on said shopping trip I was delighted and might I add somewhat 'stirred' by the presence of a lone piper near by, yes thats right a lone man playing the bag pipes. I have always found the sound of bagpipes incredibly moving, to the point that the hairs on my arms stand on end and I get a hugely irrational urge to lead an Infantry charge and at a fixed position in the face of of insurmountable odds. This is one of the dangers of bag pipe music as this is not an appropriate mental state for a crowded shopping plaza.

No wonder the Scots were such a formidable opponent and still make such great soldiers to this day, the sound of the pipes is almost primeval, animal. It seems to surge and resonate through your very core, like some kind of musical StreetFighter 4 power up. I honestly feel like I could 'chin' an elephant and vault him before he hit the deck to sort out any of his pals behind him. The likelihood of testing this theory is I admit slim, the chances of me getting into 'bother' with an elephant and being in the vicinity of someone playing the pipes must be like 6 or 7-1.

Before embarking on some of my more foolhardy Project Reality assaults I often YouTube some pipe music to get the old war juices flowing, I'd recommend it to anyone and may start making it compulsory in my squads.