Bravo Microsoft, you have now surpassed EA in poor decisions and once and for all seized the crown for the worst 'Reveal' ever. That EA were standing there on the stage with you when you did it was beautiful. Really, the future of gaming is a giant voice activated remote control for my TV, that will only work in the US, hiding used games behind a paywall and you as a company snooping on your customers with your sinister Kinnect 2 and the potential to limit content viewing per individual personal license.

I can barely type my hands are stinging from the face palming. Instead of consolidating your position as a game centric console with a robust online infrastructrure (admittedly behind another paywall ala Xbox Live Gold) you have decided to go to battle with Smart TV's, Google and Apple???? Whilst simultaneously alienating a significant proportion of your existing customer base.

It doesn't matter what they do at E3 now, it doesn't matter what IP's they bring, it doesn't matter that rationally we all know the console will have some excellent features, they utterly botched the reveal. It made Sony's reveal which was admittedly a little strange (no look at the system itself) seem right on point, focused on gamers and incredibly forward looking, as if they knew exactly what Microsoft intended to announce and couldn't believe their luck.

I say this as the owner of many consoles, Xbox, 360, PS2, Dreamcast and so on through the years, not with any bias one way or the other. I wanted them to knock it out of the park but somehow they managed to swing the bat into the own face. If they are able to reverse the tidal wave of negative press from their actual existing consumers at E3 it truly will be an impressive feat.

I wonder how some of these people get these jobs at time, I really do lol.

Looks like I might treat myself to a nice cheap PS3 for the "The Last of Us" and a few older titles and save any money I was considering spending on a new HDD for my PC, non proprietary of course.