Wanda Shan AAR
March 2011

Subject: West Turbine Interception
  • Situation: The battle for Wanda Shan is going well after a desperate fight nearly brought ruin to the PLA. The Russians have been pushed back to their last flag and victory seems only a matter of time for the People’s Liberation Army! The majority of the team is focused on the hard fought battle at the last Control Point when reports filter in that a possible FO was built far west of our current Control Point from which the Russians are sending troops from.

    Northplum’s and ytman’s squads are sharing a 8-ton Troop Truck when the report comes down and they pass by the assumed location noted by a ‘radio marker’. The two squads dismount and begin their operation.
  • Missions:

    Priority1- Find and Destroy the hostile FO assumed to be in the location;
    Priority2- Interception of hostile troops threatening the Control Point (TURBINE);
  • Belligerents:

    ytman/Northplum SLs
    2 Squads
    total: 8 men
    RGF(Russian Ground Forces)
    Unknown SLs
    Unknown Composition
    total: Greater than six + 1 Forward Outpost

PLA- 1 wounded
RGF- >6 K.I.A.
  • Diagram

    .FIRST. (1y & 1N)

    Ytman’s and Northplum’s squad move out from the drop of location approximately 400 meters north of the suspected FO. They split with approximately 150 meters between the two squads.

    1y- Ytman’s squad moves directly SOUTH bound to a tree line before reaching contact and being engaged by a small force [e-1]. Ytman goes down. Call for assistance. Crossing to the treeline proved to ruin the surprise of Ytman’s advance.

    1N- Northplum’s squad moves EAST seeking a position to intercept and ambush any enemy force coming from the FO. The location, while forested is offers a good vantage point due to relative height.

    .SECOND. (2y & 2N)

    The encounter by ytman’s squad spurs Northplum’s into action as the small battle hits its apex.

    2y- Ytman’s squad’s return fire defeats the enemy Russian squad which is either relatively small (2 men), wide apart, or ordered to disengage. Smoke is deployed and ytman is revived.

    2N- Northplum’s squad maneuvers into a position that allowed it to intercept either the remains of the first enemy squad [e-1] or a whole separate squad at the [e-2] line. The terrain is sloping upward in an eastward direction allowing for Northplum to maintain a height advantage throughout his engagement. No casualties reported.

    .THIRD. (3y->Fy, 3N)

    With a good sized Russian force destroyed it is now certain that an FO is indeed in the reported area. A call goes out that there is another force nearly directly on the Turbine Control Point and assistance is needed. It is assumed that this force broke through both ytman’s and Northplum’s line undetected.

    3y- With the shortest distance to the suspected enemy FO ytman’s squad continues its push forward into the position where a small enemy force once occupied. It was an ordered ‘forced march’ or ‘pursuit’ in hopes of catching the enemy out of position after the recent victory. The order was banking on the assumption that any well sized enemy force immediately in the area would already be shooting at either ytman’s or Northplum’s squad.

    The pursuit did in fact lead the squad to the enemy FO which was relatively undefended and dispatched easily.

    3N- With the call for support at Turbine going out Northplum’s squad decided to move off to the Turbine in hopes of crushing the enemy attack from its rear.

    A new battle begins!