First, I want to just say that my boy is my dog, Hayate, so as to not mislead people too much. He's a beautiful American Akita, large for his breed at a lean 111lbs, just 2 years and 7 months old. He's black and white, a dopey black face and black spots all over. He loves people and other animals, he defied the breed stereo-type so much that he was proof of the fact that it all owes to training. He loves cold weather, walks better off leash, but is a breeze to walk on leash (walks by your side, not walking you), and absolutely loves children and people watching from the porch.

Most of all though he is my boy and has been the light of my life for an all too short year. His mother, my fiancee, fell in love with him just under two and a half years ago, while working at a pet store. She put all the work in his raising - and she did the best job possible. It'd be almost amazing watching a woman just under 110lbs wet command this dog if it wasn't a daily routine. Back when she first got him she'd run him all over town and he'd absolutely love it.

So on Wednesday I came home after a short shift at about 1 or 2pm and my fiancee is concerned he has bloat. His symptoms weren't terribly serious, but he was acting differently. He eventually vomited and we thought we were out of the woods, because a serious bloat wouldn't have allowed him to vomit. But my fiancee also works at a nearby veterinarian-hospital so we take him down to make sure he's okay and hopefully degas him.

Well, long story short, it wasn't bloat - bloat would have been better. He most likely has had a congenital heart disease his entire life, something we've never caught despite always keeping up on shots and appointments - even some in opportune appointments when his CCL tore. Its not fair, he hasn't been an adult for long, hadn't stopped growing less than a year ago. He's been recovering from CCL tares for the better part of the last year, when his first one was recovered he tore his second (on New Years Day no less as we were taking him out to enjoy the town).

We've been given a timeframe of 3 months to two years, but right now he might not even make the week, he can have a stroke or heart attack at any moment. He's known so much love but has had such a little time with us. He's really living up to his name, just a Gust of Wind.

He is my first pet, I never thought I'd be a dog person - thought I'd enjoy cats more - but no, this guy was just such a joy to have with me. This is all so sudden and unexpected - I love him dearly - and my heart is breaking.

He's such a stunning boy. Beautiful really.

Thank you, for hearing my story. I just want to howl at the top of my lungs. :icon9:

PS: I have some choice words for the Amish right now and pet stores in general. All I can say to anyone who is a dog lover or animal lover, or at least a person who thinks companion animals deserve some standard of life, never do business with them and tell them exactly why. I am positive my boy was born at a puppy mill, the vet nearly confirmed this when making an observation about his deformed dewclaws.