I upgraded from my aging nVidia 8800GT to ATI's 5770 yesterday and it seems to have gone really well. I read all kinds of horror stories about the grey-screen-of-death (GSOD) with the 5xxx series cards and I haven't seen any issues so far. I wiped out the nVidia drivers and used Drive Sweeper and went right to the 10.2 Catalyst drivers. I also bought the Sapphire brand card because it seemed like XFX had lots of issues by reading the NewEgg forums (might just be because they're the most popular?)

My old 8800GT was an XFX and I never had one issue with it. I think the last time I was using ATI was my old 9800 Pro which I used for many years. I just go with the best card for my money at the time I look to upgrade. I don't want to have to buy a whole new computer just yet, so I looked at what card would plug into my Dell XPS 410 which only has one 6-pin power cable. The 5770 seemed to fit because of its low power requirements -less than the 8800GT I read. The Dell has a 375 watt PS (which I read they underrate) and one 6-pin power cable.

So, the BC2 beta with everything on DX9 rendering path with all low settings was about 30fps average as fraps showed. Now, I get about 60fps average it seems. With all medium on DX9 I think it was 37-40 average. We'll see how the retail textures look because on low the trees really look ugly and pop into a 3D tree pretty glaringly when you get close. It's all about GAMEPLAY fo rme though, so I'll probably opt for smoother gameplay and more FPS over ugly trees int he end.