Just thought it'd be nice to share my AAR with the rest of the Community.

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Apologies if I missed anybody's IHS, clan, or screwed up your name. This AAR was written to best of my memory and notes taken during and directly after the mission.

Google Docs Link : "Dec. 4th, 2011 : Op Land and Sea - AAR"

Game: ArmA2 Combined Operations
Server: TacticalGamer.com ArmA2 - Alpha Server (Vanilla)
Mission CO: Blackpython, [31st RECCE]
Squad Callsign: Gopher

Fire Teams:

Gopher 1 (HQ) -
FTL: Blackpython, [31st RECCE]
AR: Baguiar, [IRREGS]
Medic: Sarge [18th SFODD]
AT Spec: Cruise

Gopher 2 (Prim. Assault Team) -
FTL: AdeptAbyss
AR: ChiefBoats, [IRREGS]
Medic: Pepper
AT Spec: Bad Blood

Gopher 3 (JIPs) -
Kwalc, [15th EF]
OPS (Sqd. Driver)
LowSpeedHighDrag, [IRREGS] (Pilot)

Gopher 4 (Sec. Assault Team) -
FTL: Falk
AR: Kevin
Medic: BuB
AT Spec: Unkl, [IRREGS]

Mission Summary:

  1. Secure Militia Camp
  2. Clear Militia out of South Nadezhdino
  3. Destroy Militia Supply Cache in Castle Zub

At approx. 0200 Hrs. Zulu , mission began. Gopher Squad deployed from the offshore battlegroup via CRRC RHIBs each piloted by LHD Crewman. Once making landfall Gopher squad hastily made its way to the FOB set-up around a small, local airstrip. Fireteams were permitted several minutes to check their gear and ammunition before roll out. Fireteam leaders were briefed on the basic plan to reach the first objective. The squad was to move in parallel column formations, followed by the HQ Element to the rear, on a predetermined path to the observation post. OP was located approx. 400m west of the first objective.

Once the squad had reached the OP, Gophers 4 and 2 set up to the eastern side of the small hill we were situated on and searched for possible enemy movements. Both teams confirmed that no enemy contacts could be seen from the current location. To the east of the OP, approx. 200m away stood another small, wooded hill that could be used as a staging point to assault the first objective. Under my order, Gopher Squad was to preform a basic fireteam level bounding maneuver across the 200 meters of open field. Gopher 2 lead the maneuver, while Gopher 4 and Gopher 1 provided cover. Once Gopher 2 was set, Gopher 4 crossed, followed by Gopher 1. The staging point was a small, wooded hill, west of the objective about 150m or so. On the southern side of the hill there was a small shack with multiple lumber stacks around it, perfect for cover. The plan to assault the position was as follows:

Gophers 4 and 1 would stay back and provide suppressive fire on any and all enemy contacts sighted within the objective. During this time Gopher 2 would advance to the northern flank of the objective. Gopher 2 was to push onto the objective and physically secure it, allowing for the rest of the squad to move up. Gopher 2 suffered light casualties during the assault; however, all injuries were dealt with and nobody was KIA.

Due to the extreme proximity of Objective 1 to Objective 2, hostile infantry converged on the hill Obj. 1 was located on quite quickly. Both Gophers 2 and 4 were moved to the eastern side of the hill to intercept incoming enemy units. Not expecting the large enemy force located within the town, as well as the resulting casualties, I ordered all teams to deal with their wounded and fall back to the western side of the hill where we has cover from the infantry located inside the town. The new plan was to preform an opposing flank maneuver on the town. Gopher 2 would take a wide flanking maneuver to the north, while Gopher 4 and 1 would preform a shorter, and louder flanking maneuver to the south. Most of the plan was successful, due to the attention Gophers 4 and 1 gained by loudly assaulting the southern part of the town allowed Gopher 2 to infiltrate the foothills very close to the eastern part of the town. Sadly, due to immediate threats to Gopher 2, they were forced to engage targets near them and suffered several casualties. At this time, I ordered my fire team(Gopher 1)to fall back on the maneuver and head north to provide support for Gopher 2. Unfortunately as we arrived, we were only able to resuscitate Gopher 2’s medic. I ordered Gopher 2’s medic to stay in cover and attempt to provide medical support to my fire team as we engaged incoming threats to our current location. During this time, Gopher 4 managed to push up to the southern edge of the town and secured it. Gopher 2’s reinforcements has arrived at the base and were making their way up to the second objective. Once I had the report that we secured the town, I ordered Gopher 2’s medic to proceed through the town and rally up with Gopher 4 to await the arrival of Gopher 2’s reinforcements. Unknowing to myself at the time, Gopher 2 has arrived as I gave that order. This resulted in a lone enemy militiaman hiding within the town exiting their cover and engaging and incapacitating Gopher 2’s medic. All Gopher units responded to the attack, neutralized the enemy soldier, and helped in the revival on Gopher 2’s medic.

From there, the next objective was the assault on Castle Zub and the destruction of the militia supply cache there. Gopher 2’s initial task was to take a HMMWV and proceed to an OP, dubbed “Little Hill”, south-south-east of the objective. During this time, the rest of Gopher Squad was to proceed to the second of marked waypoints to await for ammunition to arrive (via MTVR transport, driven by JIP squad member, OPS). Once ammunition arrived, all Gopher units proceeded to Waypoint 2, resupplied, and mounted up into the MTVR. The plan was to take a wide flank to the eastern side of Castle Zub. This would allow us better eyes on the objective in comparison to a western approach. Following the MSR north past Mogilevka, we set up an Observation post, dubbed “OP Vysh”, east of Castle Zub. Gopher 2’s new task was to cross the open field between OP Vysh and Zub while Gophers 1 and 4 provided suppressive fire on contacts sighted in the forest surrounding the castle. Gopher 2 managed to reach the other side of the field with no casualties. Gopher 4 was then ordered to move across the field under cover fire by Gophers 2 and 1. The plan was for Gophers 4 and 2 to preform another opposing flanking maneuver to put pressure on the enemy unit within the castle at two directions. At this time, a pilot joined us, allowing for my fire team (Gopher 1) to mount up and provide aerial cover from a UH-1Y “Venom” helicopter. I called for a pick-up to the South-East of the objective on the MSR, expecting the ability to provide Close Air Support for our troops on the ground. Sadly, once the helicopter arrived, I learned that it was equipped with no ammunition for its weapons and no way to resupply.

Once airborne, I received reports that all Gopher units participating in the ground assault were taking heavy casualties. Gopher 4 managed to My pilot suggested we land nearby the castle and help regain the ground we has lost in the assault. Gopher 1 rejoined Gopher 4 in the assault as well as the search for Gopher 2’s casualties. Despite valiant efforts from all members of Gopher squad, no soldier from Gopher 2 was able to be resuscitated. The remaining members of Gopher squad cleared out the rest of the castle, secured the supply cache, and managed to destroy it on site, completing the mission.

Tactical Map: