I worked through the Battlefield Bad Company 2 launch, and considering how much I've anticipated this release, I wanted to get the game ASAP. Here's how I installed it on my home PC while at work.

Step 1: Download one of the thousand different variants of VNC -- a remote PC control software. I chose [url=http://www.tightvnc.com/]TightVNC[/url] because it's free, open source, fast, and simple.
Step 2: I went to [url]www.WhatIsMyIPAddress.com[/url] and found out the IP of my home machine.
Step 3: I've set up the VNC server as a service on my home machine, chose a password, and made sure that "remote events" were not disabled.
Step 4: I emailed my IP address and the VNC password to my work email address.
Step 5: I disabled Windows Firewall on my machine.
Step 6: I called up a friend and I tested this to make sure it works. (Also remember to change the password after you're sure your setup works -- much as I like Chris, I don't like him enough to let him mess around my machine.)
Step 7: Come 10 AM Pacific at work, I installed the TightVNC viewer, pulled up the email with my IP and password, connected to my machine, right-clicked on "Bad Company 2" and clicked install.
(This is probably a really newbie walkthrough for most people on TG, but if you don't know, it's nice to know something like this is easy and possible.)

Isn't technology wonderful? :)

PS: Step 8 -- unistall the VNC server/disable the VNC service after you're done, enable any firewalls and connect to the router if you had one before. Paranoid Zho is paranoid.