How to un**** the BF franchise:

1. [b]More punishments:[/b] Steal a dude's tank and drive off like a punk? -200 points. Ignore a revive as a medic? -100 points. Don't spot as a sniper? -100 points. Revive a fella, he gets killed, revive him again, he gets killed, revive him again? -500 points.
2. [b]More rewards[/b]: Keep a random dude's tank repaired for a round? +200 points. Pull off 3 revives in a row? Every one is worth more points. Be the squad that breaks through and captures a flag? 2x points for capturing the flag.
3. [b]More VOIP[/b]: proximity and direction-based VOIP (mumble), SL-to-SL VOIP, and CO-to-all VOIP.
4. [b]More teamwork[/b]: require two people to revive one soldier up, require two people to operate stationary weapons, require a pilot and a gunner at least for armor, etc.
5. [b]Bigger maps, bigger teams[/b]: 64vs64 player battlefield, with maps large enough to make fighter jets plausible.
6. [b]Tit-for-tat tactics:[/b] Tank snipes from 200m and kills 2 people in one shot ... but if it's approached up close, its main turret turns way too slowly to do anything, and one infantry grenade shoved down the hatch kills the occupants. Stop nerfing things in order to make them fair: provide an effective counter instead of making a tank shell feel like a feather pillow.
7. [b]Smoke, fire, water, heat, cold -- affecting the soldier[/b]: Cough in smoke, burn on fire, can't swim with certain weapons, freeze if carrying a light pack on a large snow map. Make soldiers real, not cardboard cutouts.
8. [b]Add more "hardcore" server options[/b]: Option to mutiny the CO, option to disband squads as a CO, option to have only VOIP-enabled people in SL/CO positions ...
9. [b]Defend flags[/b]: allow a squad to slowly dig and fortify a flag to make defense actually be feasible instead of always attacking.

10. [b]Stop catering to everyone (multiple-platform release) and stop imitating other FPS games (MW2): make something unique, original, and fun. [/b]