Previous loadout: Assault + USAS + extra C4 + extra shells.
Current loadout: Medic + USAS + extra speed + magnum ammo.

180 degree turnaround in gameplay.

What's the end result?
a) [B]2x more effective squads[/B]. I'm a smart dude -- spending 2 minutes of my time to C4 a tank that's nearly useless anyways is not the best way I can contribute to my team. Pulling off 5 revives in that span of time makes my squad, and my team a lot more effective.
b) [B]waaaaaaay more fun[/B]. Squad morale is a lot higher after a dude is revived each time he dies. People shoot better, act more confident, and win rounds. I like morale. You can just feel this -- I don't want to brag, but there have been times on Sunday when I felt like I carried two squads forward with revives. That is an awesome feeling: I do my job, you go kick ass.

Huge difference. I stole this idea off June and Lyra (medic thing that's dedicated), but I combined it with magnum ammo and USAS because I like to kill people in CQ, and with speed boost perk because USAS isn't good at long range -- I've got to get in close to my target quick.

I've been ranting and raving about this kit all this weekend. Loving it.