TG-18th HaveANiceDay (HAND) is a good guy: friendly, helps out, and just generally a swell person. But, this is not a story about HAND - this is story about what happens when you wrong a TGer.

HAND was en route to meet up with me and the freshly-spawned Lancer. HAND and I were being honorable gentlemen and carrying Lancer's gear to him. (The reason Lancer died was that Dredge screamed like a little girl and wanted his Ghillie suit out of my pack [i]right now[/i], but that's story for another day.)

At any rate - Lancer and I are entering Cherno, overwatch snipers have eyes on us - and then, outta nowhere, a CZ550 sniper rifle rings out, and the chat shows "TG-18th HaveANiceDay has died". Well, [i]someone[/i] just signed their death warrant on the west side of Cherno.

But this is where it gets better: the son-of-a-moralless-female-canine sees HaveNiceDay's death message and then types into chat: "have a nice day"

He's [b]gloating[/b] about killing one of us.

Well, isn't that cute.
Isn't that just peachy keen.
Isn't that just strawberry shortcake with whipped cream on top sweet.

Mr. Hawkins just his death warrant 22 times in Chernogorsk.

Lancer and I are closest to the west side, and we're sprinting toward the warehouse where HaveANiceDay went down. We reach a corrugated metal fence - Lancer goes left around it into the warehouse, I head right. Just then - I see movement on the stairs to my right. The only thing I can make out is the familiar shape of the weapon favored by bastards and bandits worldwide: CZ550 sniper rifle.

This happens in seconds - the fella is moving as fast as he can up those stairs. At this range, even a single bullet from his CZ would kill me, twice. I scope my AKM and let 'er rip: full auto, 30 bullets into him.
Moments later, I see the death message and we all know - we'd found and killed the bastard that assassinated HaveANiceDay. We'd avenged one of our own.

And, at the request and much general amusement of everyone in channel, I showed our friend the honors:

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