A collection of screenshots from ARMA 2 Wasteland, on the Code4Gaming Sa-matra server. Most of them are silly or notable for some reason. I anticipate with the forthcoming BF4 release, there'll be little time for Wasteland. Lots of good times were had in Wasteland.

In all, I've fallen in love with Cheranrus on Sa-matra Wasteland. Brief listing of things I'll never forget:
- The way a Mk17 sounds.
- How Thane gets excited whenever we find a KA assault helo.
- Driving a black SUV from Stary to Cherno.
- The ACOG zeroing, and especially the weird 2-4-6 zeroing on the Russian scopes.
- Spur squeeling like a little girl when we get him an ACOG'd rifle.
- NLAWing four cars in a row just outside Prig.
- Sawviper giggling after he rans over people.
- Lancer operating operationally in the operating AO.
- Chernarus itself ... from Shahovka to Kamenka, Tulga to Petrovka ... love it to bits.
- The mad rush for the NW Airfield after server restart.
- Driving a BTR and discussing philosophy books with Thane.
- Opening a deli store for Mosley in the middle of the Airfield.
- Dying 10 times with Baron to computer-controlled AI to acquire the only humvee with thermal sights on the server.
- Getting fitted with thousands of dollars in cash from Sarge when we would log in.
- Having random OPFOR players tag along with our group because we got things done in a clean, organized fashion.
- Apache gunning for Thane.

... so many good times. Sa-matra Wasteland with TG was ... a hell of a ride.