An old topic for TG, yet with new games, members and visitors we continue to see our servers' chat screens fill up with profanity.

While players are obviously free to swear at home, here at TG and on other servers swearing is prohibited on TS and in-game chat. I've seen and heard rebuttle to the no swearing policy with reasons like "The game swears, why can't I swear", "Mature people swear too", and "But I'm just decribing what a terrible player so and so is...". :icon_roll

I could write and quote at length about why TG and other servers have the no profanity rule, but rather than answer that obvious question myself, I'd like to hear why people do it in the first place, and more curiously, why continue the swearing even after being warned, kicked and ultimately banned.

So, I guess I have two questions:

1) Why take the time to type profanity on in-game chat?
2) Why continue the profanity after being warned and/or kicked?

Have at it, but remember not to type profsanities in your replies :row__638:.