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John CANavar

1stMIP Stratis Campaign Episode 2

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We have room for new and veteran ArmA players. Contact me if you`d like to join our training/scenario sessions.

March 17 (Sunday) 1300 EST / 1700 GMT

- This is a persistent ArmA3 campaign in which you join 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon in their adventures on Stratis Island. All scenarios in the campaign are connected with each other and our actions will have consequences in future episodes.

- About 1stMIP
- 1stMIP Steam Group
- 1stMIP BIS Campaign Development Group
- Announcements and Updates

Technical Details
- Hybrid Coop and TvT Multiplayer Scenarios.
- 2 - 8 Players

Mission Parameters and Scripts
- Rally Point/SL Respawn
- Custom Difficulty (Veteran settings with 3rd Person / AI Skill Normal)
- 1stMIP and OpFor Bases (Patrols, guards, training courses and animated AI performing various duties for ambiance)
- Dynamic Patrols
- Revive (Coming soon)
- Custom Ammo Crates [VAS]
- Ambient Radio Chatter [Clarkey]
- Camera script for videography

Addon Requirements
- HMM Stance Indicator
- ShackTac Fireteam HUD

Scenarios in this Episode
- Training [Launchers and explosives]
- Training [Squad Movement]
- Crash Response and Investigation (See Briefing)

Briefing / Crash Response and Investigation
- We have a crashed RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter reported in our sector. Our mission is to locate the crash site, search for the missing pilots, investigate the wreck to identify the cause of the crash and collect sensitive material.

Previously in the Campaign
- Episode 1 (1stMIP deployed to Kamino base on Stratis island. A training session was conducted on assault rifles and grenade launchers followed by live combat training against OpFor in a modified firing range. The team also responded to an OpFor invasion attempt of Stratis Air Base. Threat eliminated but MIPs suffered casualties. HQ has orders to increase the small unit training sessions to minimize the casualties in future operations.

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Updated 03-23-2013 at 06:07 AM by John CANavar



  1. loyalguard's Avatar
    Wow! I just watched the video from Episode 1! It was great seeing all of those names and hearing the familiar voices! Hopefully I might get to join you guys some day! Good ole TG 1st MIP teamwork and action! Great campaign concept to usher in A3 to TG too! I can't play too much right now, but I am happy to help with mission development!

  2. Grunt 70's Avatar
    I am so happy to see you posting Loyal. We were just talking about how much we missed you the other night. I hope all is well with you and very much hope to see you in game sometime soon.
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Just got clearance from HQ.

    Count me in.

    May try to make a mini mission on Friday for the Sunday event!
  4. Hablos's Avatar
    I'm interested, addons installed and PM sent.

    See you chaps on Sunday!
  5. John CANavar's Avatar
    Great to hear from you Loyal. We`ll be needing your coding magic during the campaign, just like PC Gamer said we need "...brain-hurting expressions of realism like Loyalguard’s functioning Chernarus Electrical Grid."

    Also great to see Hablos joning us in this episode. Welcome aboard mate.

    To share what`s in my mind, I am updating the announcement from time to time. Check it out.

    Michael, check out http://www.youtube.com/user/Armaidiot (Very useful How To Guides for mission building).
  6. Coridon's Avatar
    SPOILER ALERT: I'm the one who crashed the Comanche. Truth be told, I crashed about a dozen times yesterday in single player trying to test the limits of that machine. Rocks and trees are not my friends.

    Cause of the crash(es)? Pilot error. Every. Single. Time.

    There, that was easy. Now we just have to collect that sensitive materiel from the crash site...
  7. John CANavar's Avatar
    LOL ! Classic Cor Comment (CCC).
  8. John CANavar's Avatar
    Update. Script section modified and 1st Episode summary added.
  9. John CANavar's Avatar
    Things are getting interesting... TvT challenge added...
  10. John CANavar's Avatar
    Big Al, if you are reading this your inbox is full. I have a trial key ready. All you need is a steam account. I`ll send it to you so that you can check the performance. Very glad to hear you are interested !
  11. E-Male's Avatar
  12. John CANavar's Avatar
    Run Cor Run !
  13. E-Male's Avatar
    More video footage:

    Be sure to replay in 1080p mode for best picture quality.
  14. John CANavar's Avatar
    Thanks Michael !

    Coridon`s AAR here
  15. John CANavar's Avatar
    Updated with links

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