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I am Going to Write this Down . . .

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"I am Going to Write this Down"

Slicktron's words to me after I promised him that I would personally train him in squad leading.

Slicktron asked if he could take over as SL tonight and I declined, saying he needs further training, but I would personally ensure that he gets the training he needs.

This is, I believe, the essence of a community like TG -- the willingness to train others in the art of teamwork.

I believe that anyone can rise to leadership if they are willing to follow the rules and principles of standard operating procedures.

Whether or not someone will be a good leader depends of things that cannot be taught, but the TG community must stand ready to work with the willing.

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  1. shatteredhourglass's Avatar
    I have notice a great change in Slick in the past week or two. Very promising. I find that is it very good to have a squad with the PL in it and give SL responsibility to a trainee. That way the PL hears the trainees squad orders and can offer constructive criticism easily. Also. It frees the PL from SL duties and allows the use of all four squads.

    I learned a lot when I experienced this method.

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