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21 K (Half Marathon) . . . Again

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Tomorrow I particpate once again in the Army Run, a 1/2 marathon held here in Ottawa.

I'll run with 22,000 others. Well, not run this year. I injured myself about two months ago, a very deep muscle tear that will take a few more months to heal.

So tomorrow I get up at some ungodly hour, pull on all my polypro gear, and walk/run for approximately 3.5 hours.

I post a picture of the dog tags I earn after I cross the finish line.

BTW, you should see all the military crap parked in my 'back yard' (the run takes place two blocks from my apt) -- tanks, mine sweepers, artillery, APCs, and lots of grunts carrying weapons and bag pipes.

I fear the bag pipes most of all . . .

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E-Male Speaks


  1. PaintScratcher's Avatar
    Awesome, best of luck with it E-Male! Sounds like a great event!
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    I walked about half of the race due to my training injury.

    Chip time at the finish was 2:49, with an average pace of 8:02 per kilometre. I was wearing new sneakers, not fully worn in, and sustained a nasty blister as a result. This did not slow me down so much as my lack of overall conditioning. By kilometre 16 there was no more possibility of running even short stretches due to various angry muscles.

    In the category male 50-54 I finished almost dead last at 453/468 in a total field of over 22,000 runners. My overall place in males was 4093/4218.

    My last 1/2 marathon, run with my wife last year, had a finish time of 2:06.

    The good news is my weight (average) is down to 162 kilos from a bloated (for me) high of 174.

    My goal is to reach 160 by by next birthday (Nov).

    My next big challenge will be a to run/walk the Ottawa May marathon in 2014.

    Hungry hungry Homer . . .
  3. Randy_Shughart_ClwFL's Avatar
    Well, at least you finished. Given your injuries (and brand new sneakers), kudos for pushing through and doing the race anyway.

    I don't run, I lift weights instead for fitness, I have been back in the gym for about a month now and I just got my deadlift up to 300 lbs x 5 reps x 1 set, and my squat is now approaching 200 lbs x 5 reps x 3 sets. I also started paying closer attention to what I was eating (keeping a log actually) and my weight has gone from 240 lbs about a month ago now down to 222 and 22% body fat. I am not a fat guy, as I am 6'5", just have a tiny bit more love handles to get rid of.

    Did you happen to get any pictures of the military hardware?
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    Holy cow, Randy, you could snap me in half!

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