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Interesting thought experiement in BF4

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What if the only way to receive points in a BF4 round was if your team won?

That is, 64 people play in a round, and only 32 on the winning team receive points/unlocks/awards/etc.

How do you think this would affect the public servers of BF4? Would it lead to stacked teams, or to hard-fought, nail-bitingly close rounds?
Would it cater to people who play the game 24/7 or to a person that jumps in for a few kills every other day?
Would it make lone-wolf kill-hunters more frequent, or less frequent?
Would it make people angry at DICE for poor VOIP/terrible CO comms?
Would most people play on small servers where they can dominate with their buddies, or on large, 64-player servers?
How would team balance work?
I'm curious what people think.

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  1. E-Male's Avatar
    Brilliant idea!

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