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Post-TV Blog

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I created this blog to track issues related to my next book, Post-TV.

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  1. marpla78's Avatar
    Well i can give you my feedback about piracy issue down here on South America...the easy way is allways the best...sad bad true on this lands.
    From what i see ...piracy have 2 side of the coins, one what you do about and what the companies do it.
  2. mecharius's Avatar
    Hey, the blog looks interesting!

    I grew up in Australia and piracy was definitely easier than waiting 4 months after something came out in the US to watch it, and then paying 3 times as much for it as elsewhere in the world. Foxtel and the TV networks were notorious for changing the times of TV shows without notice, skipping episodes, playing them out of order or just cancelling mid-season. I would much prefer to pay a reasonable price from something than to pirate it, but in Australia that just wasn't possible until recently. Companies like Foxtel were their own worst enemies with poor programming and being too slow to shift online - piracy has always been illegal so to think more or different legislation will fix it is wishful thinking!

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