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Project Empty Piggy Bank

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Tomorrow I start Project Empty Piggy Bank. Over ten years of emptying my pockets of all change at the end of each day into a five gallon wine/beer brewing jar. I'll report back with a tally on the haul.

The wife and I will use the savings for a vacation or two next year. In the past year we went to New York, Paris, Brussels, Germany, Montreal (2x, but only a few hundred kilometres miles away) and Toronto so I am somewhat tapped out.

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  1. Jeepo's Avatar
    Ha I wonder how much is in there!
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    Game delayed until I finish writing three sets of final exam questions for my students.

    Then the big pour begins!
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Found a local bank (a branch of one that my wife uses) that has a machine that will count the change for us. As soon as I finish my final exams we will count out an amount of change, bring it to the machine and test its veracity (silly, perhaps, but only a fool would trust a bank). Then we will empty the jar and start lugging the coins over. I can barely lift the container (not sure that I CAN lift it) so it will take a few trips.

    I'll document the ordeal and post pics and totals here.

    Start saving ALL you pocket change today, or even just a set amount daily (my wife puts in $2 per day). You will be surprised how quickly you "win" a "free" vacation or new computer.

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