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Spring Cleaning (Manly Version)

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I was rendering a video and the core temps were hitting 100c. CPU or whatever shutdown. Thought, hmm, is my computer getting old before its time? Then I remembered my Corsair watercooler, which needs to be cleaned about twice a year. Dust gets trapped between the fan and the cooler.

After a quick clean and dusting the core temps dropped from high 90s while rendering to a more reasonable low 70s. A good thing as in two months it will be close to 100C in my 10th floor non-air-conditioned post-apocalyptic apartment.

Spring cleaning, geek-style.

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  1. Wicks's Avatar
    Good lord man, that looks like you have been using it as a waffle iron lol.

    I would recommend investing in some compressed air in a can as it's an easy way clean a lot of the dust bunnies out without dissembling everything. You could also look at some dust filters on your intake ports. If your case doesn't official support dust filters some nylon stockings cut to fit do a good job.

    My CPU hit 98C once before I managed to shut it down due to giant clump of cat hair that was a matter of seconds away from igniting lol. Dust and dust regularly!

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