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Acreo Aeneas

Silly Fun with Words

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This is my silly fun with words games. Feel free to add to the collection I'm about to start. Some of these are silliness taken from my random thoughts, others are thanks to the auto correct of SmartKey keyboard on my Android phone.

"Passed out on couch asleep" --> "Pissed at couch for sleeping"
"potato chips" --> "prison cops" or "prison chips"
"okies" --> "Borat"
"Lunn, I have you covered." --> "Lunn, I'm smothered. Lolwut?"
"tummy splosion" --> "atomic explosion"

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  1. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    So some other ones to add...I'm still missing some awesome ones. Forgive me if you do not get some of the references, if I have time, I will explainz the references to you in gorrid details!

    "TORGUE PUTS THE TEA IN TNT" - ScratchnSniff0 via Steam (after a long conversation where I explained my explosions reference and how it would be cool if Torgue had a show on TNT...cus you know "Characters Welcome!") XD
    ALSO THANK YOU LET US MAKE EXPLOSIVE FIST BUMPING GESTURES - via Mr. Torgue's Tumblr Blog (linky: http://askmistertorgue.tumblr.com/po...i-love-you-sir)

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