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Happy Birthday to Me

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My 52 birthday is today. I am not quite as ancient as OldGunny but am getting there . . .

My next book, Post-TV: Piracy, Cord-Cutting, and the Future of Television, is coming out in June of 2015 and I am busy pitching a fourth project to the University of Toronto Press. I have an awesome job teaching at the University of Ottawa (also a great city), great friends, a lovely wife, a super apartment in downtown Ottawa (with indoor pool and sauna!), good health (I lost 14 pounds this year, down to 160 with a goal of 150 in 2015), and plenty of dreams.

Friday is payday and I will give myself a birthday present by once again resubscribing to TG membership. Money well spent.

I made this video the past weekend just before a birthday party at my man cave.

Enjoy some of the art of Dr. Strangelove . . .

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  1. JHemp81's Avatar
    Happy Birthday E-Male!! Im glad you have so much going your way right now, good on you. Your apartment is awesome as well! I hope to be able to visit several Canadian cities someday, as it seems Canadians have figured out how to do urban life correctly.
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    True, although Americans have been incredible innovators of lifestyles and alternative living.

    Long live neon!
  3. QuantumQrack's Avatar
    Happy B-Day E-Male!
  4. JHemp81's Avatar
    As a child of the 80's, I'm all for neon. Death to hair metal!New Wave forever!
  5. Garthra's Avatar
    I little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Your platoon leadership is still the stuff of legends in PS2.
  6. Randy_Shughart_ClwFL's Avatar
    You are an interesting cat, E-Male.

    Happy birthday, man.
  7. Grunt 70's Avatar
    I laughed out loud before I even started the vid...."Chomsky's Politics"....No matter we embrace you as you are,(decidedly) left or right.
  8. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Somewhat refreshing to see more space taken up by books than by TV. Bravo. Hope you had a good one. 52 is the new 39. Didn't you know? I'm only 3 years behind you.
  9. ScratchnSniff0's Avatar
    Happy Belated Birthday old chap!
  10. MadSoloSniper's Avatar
    Dude . . . How did I miss this??? (old brain - lol).

    Happy B-Day old man. Welcome to the "the less you give a *$%@ the happier you are" club.

    Still gotcha beat though (I'm not as spry as Chief - you young dog - ROCK ON Chief!!!)

    Congrats E- any day that begins with seeing the sunlight is going to be an awesome one.


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