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Out of Play Until New Drive

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I cannot play either PS2 or BF4 due to unknown reasons and will purchase a SSD shortly, reinstall, and see how things go.

It has been 4 months or more of constant issues that I cannot track down (do not ask -- I have done everything).


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  1. E-Male's Avatar
    I may pick this SSD up tomorrow and do a complete reinstall.
  2. BeSiege82's Avatar
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Is it necessary to align partitions in an SSD install (Crucial MX100 256GB)?
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    Disregard question above -- SSD is installed and BF4 appears to be stable.
  5. Randy_Shughart_ClwFL's Avatar
    Sounds like you are already up and running. But to answer your question, yes it is necessary. Although formatting / installing Windows 7 or newer will do the alignment automatically during installation.

    You still play PS2? I haven't seen you in a while, but then again I haven't been in game lately due to gaming rig being out of commission myself.
  6. E-Male's Avatar
    New install of win 7 has eliminated all issues with BF4 and PS2.

    Can't say that the new SSD (my first one) has made that much of a difference, but it is a bit faster loading. Still looking at 30 seconds or more for a cold bootup.
  7. BeSiege82's Avatar
    windows 8 takes the boot up to a different level, but it has its issues.
  8. Finestyle's Avatar
    You should see a considerable difference in boot and loading times with your SSD over a mechanical drive.

    Have you enabled AHCI SATA mode in the UEFI/BIOS?

    Are you using the native Intel SATA 3Gb/s or SATA 6Gb/s ports on your motherboard? (As a side note, you should disable all other ports you don't use/need in your BIOS to speed up boot, and I would advise you to NOT use the Marvell or other 3rd party SATA ports for your SSD/HDD if you don't have to.

    Some reading: Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs

    Feel free to grab me for a chat.

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