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Gaming and Homophobia in the News

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Hot on the heals of the intense misogyny seen in the gaming community's recent "Gamergate" eSports makes headlines with a remarkably idiotic stance on gays and lesbians:

A relatively large eSports league based in the Philippines called Garena eSports, has created a stir in the professional gaming community after revealing its gender-specific women-only tournament, dubbed The Iron Solari, will restrict the number of “lesbian, gay [and] transgendered women” to one player per team, in their next League of Legends (LoL) tournament.
Quotas for sexual orientation. Imagine if there were quotas imposed for black people or Jews.

Watch for Riot Games to step in and stop this from becoming a press feeding frenzy and yet one more dark cloud over the gaming community.

Dr. Strangelove
aka E-Male

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  1. JHemp81's Avatar
    The league in question has changed their ruling on this one, but in the process have started an argument about whether or not males and females(or E-males for that matter) play games on equal footing. It seems the league instituted this rule as a means of keeping all male teams from what they intended to be a competition for females. this is where the new argument is, people debating whether or not males have physiological advantages that lead to higher levels of play. I've got a hard time believing men click buttons on a screen better than women.
  2. Skud's Avatar
    This is the least of Garena's crimes against humanity, bro.
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    In war and love women are more barbaric than men.
  4. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    As for the news story. Terrible. Crime against humanity.

    As for JHemp81's...well, you would think women might actually be better since there have been studies done that say that women generally are better multitaskers than men. Wouldn't that mean that women would excel in gaming?
  5. JHemp81's Avatar
    And among trained athletes men have measurably faster reaction times, but i don't think that is at all a measurement of skill in a video game. If games were all about either reaction times or multitasking than there would be clear cut advantages for either gender within certain kinds of games, but this is not how games or people work. The "gender tendencies" of people are moot, as live competitive play situations will favor either tendency at different times. The typical gamer-frat boy response to this is: "Thenz why are they not L33T if they are the same, bro!!!???" And the answer is because women are not represented proportionally, and do not want to participate proportionally to their usage of games in gaming culture because of the a fore mentioned attitude. Try not being a 20something straight white male on x-box live, yikes.

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