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I will be "traveling" from Durban to some other parts of Africa from the 18th Feb to the 11th Mar. I don't know if I will have access to Internet so just a heads up.

My trip this far has been amazing. Istanbul was just wonderful and strange at the same time. I say strange because I was there and for traveling outside of the country for one of the first times in my life, it was Beautiful. I was still on jet lag the whole time two days I was there but man, was it something. I think that when you see pictures, they are to remind people who have been there, what it is like.

Then I went to Uganda and wow it looked cool. The first night I was there if felt kind of dreamy and I couldn't figure out why. But later I relized that it was the jet lag combined with the fact that it is really humid. Let me explain. I arrived at night and the humidity was so strong that the lights had a certain haziness around them. I had never seen this before and that combined with the jet lag, was enough to make it feel almost dream like. After two days I was back to normal and really enjoying the Kampala.

After eight days I came here to Durban and it is so enjoyable. I have been here in Durban for a month and a half. The time has flowed by and while the work isn't the most interesting in the world, I have really enjoyed it all. And now I am off on a new adventure for 23 or so days. Anyway just thought I would share what it is like for new travelers like me to go somewhere.

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