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Beer Blog: Sierra Nevada Summerfest

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While traditionally Damonte has been a dark/amber beer connoisseur, when Spring (and Summer) roll around, there's just something nice about a good lager.

Enter Sierra Nevada's Summerfest, a "crisp summer beer" .

With a lovely light yellow color it has just the right amount of hops, but doesn't leave one with that sharp super-hop aftertaste. 5% ABV puts it right about at the bottom of what Damonte prefers (quality > quantity), but that just means instead of two, Damonte can have three.

This particular beer went very well with burgers hot off the grill and the smell of fresh cut grass.

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Updated 04-27-2010 at 04:33 PM by Damonte

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  1. Harlequin's Avatar
    Although I like a full flavored beer (no watered-down light beers for me please) I stay away from the hard-core types like IPA. This has 28 bitterness units according to their website and may be right up my ally. I'd also like to give their Kellerweis a shot. Have you tried the Bigfoot with 90 bitterness units?
  2. Damonte's Avatar
    The BigFoot ranks right up with the Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA (80 IBU), though the Great Lakes IP is 7.5%.

    Summerfest is a nice yellow summer lager. some might call it sweet but it's not really sweet as one might think of a Belgian. It's just not bitter at all and quite tasty.

    If you might like this, also consider the Sierra Nevada Glissade, a golden bock. It might be right down your alley.

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