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New PC and my return to gaming

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Many months. Thousands of dollars. Hours of labor. And it's all came down to this moment, the one I had today. It all began back in December 2015. My older rig was slowly dying. The i5-2500K had thousands of overclocked hours on it, the 7970 was being pushed to the limits on newer games. 4 faithful years of use, and the time had come for a successor. I began the parts list. I had a trip down to Dallas on January 1st, so while I was there I stopped at Micro Center and picked up an i7-4790K. A solid processor to begin my next PC. After a couple of months of dwelling upon the idea, I decided to act upon it and began a long journey into a full liquid cooling PC. Around April 2016, the worst thing could've happened. My older rig finally gave out, and it would come to life no more. I almost hit a level of desperate as I was now stuck with just my XBOX One. But I stuck to my plans of a liquid cooled PC, no matter what I was going to achieve it. I had multiple part changes, to the point where I was literally starting from scratch. I felt will all the time I was putting into the rig, the 4790K didn't seem justified. I swapped it out for a brand newly released i7-6850K. From there I picked up the cooling block. It went on and on. Saving and buying. It took about 9 1/2 for this day. Today, I finally booted up the system. Installed Windows, updated drivers. And it was magical. So over the course of the next week or so, I will be getting my games installed and returning to the ranks of the "PC Master Race".

Finally tally on my PC:
Case-Phanteks Enthoo Primo $252.97
CPU-Intel i7-6850K $649.99
Motherboard-MSI X99A SLI Krait Edition $239.99
Memory-32GB G.Skill TridentZ $209.99
GPU-MSI GTX 1070 Seahawk EK X (2) $599.00 ($1198.00)
PSU-EVGA SuperNOVA 1200w $278.25
Storage-Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (2) (RAID 1) $89.99 ($179.98), WD Caviar Black 2TB (2) (1 salvaged from prior build) $116.96
Fans-Phanteks PH-F120XP (10) $16.99 ($169.90), Phanteks PH-F140XP (3) $17.49 ($52.47)
Lights-CableMod WideBeam LED UV (4) $22.99 ($91.96)
CPU Waterblock-EKWB Supremacy Stormtrooper LE $89.95
GPU Waterblocks-Special Edition made by EKWB (Cost included in GPU price)
Pump/Reservoir-EKWB EK-DBAY D5 PWM $169.95
Radiators-XSPC EX360 Copper Triple-Fan Radiator $59.95, XSPC EX240 Copper Dual-Fan Radiator $49.95
Tubing-PrimoChill 1/2in Rigid PETG 4x36in pack $12.95
Fittings-Alphacool Eiszapfen 13mm HardTube compression fitting G1/4 (10) $7.25 ($72.50), Alphacool HT 13mm HardTube compression fitting 90 L-connector (13) $8.50 ($110.50)
Coolant-EK-Ekoolant EVO Liquid Coolant - UV Lime Green $16.99

Grand Total: $4,023.20. And I still have 2 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSDs I will purchase and install over the next month or so. But in the end, I am extremely happy with the product I ended up with. It is a once in a lifetime build, and I am happy that I did it.

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  1. Scattershot's Avatar
    Wow! That seems to be a serious PC. Long Live the PC! May any future obsolete parts be easily upgradeable! Glad your back in the land of the PC again.
  2. BeSiege82's Avatar
    Cool pc. Got one question, @mangeface, why do you have the SSDs in RAID 1? Beyond data recovery, RAID on SSD doesn't gain much or at least it did not in the past.
  3. mangeface's Avatar
    @BeSiege82, that's essentially why they're in RAID 1. I have my operating system installed on them, so in the chance that one did go down I won't lose my ability to actually use it.
  4. ScratchnSniff0's Avatar
    I...am...drooling! Nice rig man! PC Master Race FTW!

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