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If I were to stick a syringe needle in a vein in my arm, could I bleed to death? If so how long would it take?

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  1. Abel's Avatar
    If you just take a needle and puncture an artery you will stop bleeding long before you are in any danger of bleeding to death. You will have a pretty nice fountain of blood tho^^
  2. BigGaayAl's Avatar
    Well If you have Hemophilia you would die within the hour I'd suppose.
  3. Ferris Bueller's Avatar
    There are lots of dependent factors on that end cat. For your average small vein in your arm, it would take a long time, and as abel said, you'd more than likely stop bleeding long before you lost enough blood to die. However, if you managed to get a syringe in the brachial artery or brachial vein at the right place (would have to be almost in your armpit), you could possibly bleed to death in a few minutes. But as stated, that would be exceedingly difficult as both of those are basically in the center of your arm and the location you'd have to hit for maximum flow would be very difficult to place on your own.
  4. fireship4's Avatar
    Please don't Catman.
  5. MarthaHyer's Avatar

    I dont know how long it would take; that's a good question.

    I have a stopwatch and a needle, I will let you know as soon as I find out.

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