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Tony Horton Is The Devil

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Well my friends, yesterday was "Day One" for me starting up my new workout routine. I have been working out every morning for the past 8 years with the Army PT Program, and I felt like it was time to step it up. So, based off of some feedback from friends at the Fire House who swore by it, I bought the P90X system. I will be recording my results over the next 90 days and posting up at the end of it my "Before and Afters". I will have to say though, that after the first workout yesterday, I hate Tony, he is the devil. My arms and abs are jello. I had never been that burned out after a work out in very very long time. So I am very optomistic about the program.

So Tony, you evil evil man, keep it up and I will keep you guys updated on my progress! Wish Me Luck!

*and pray for my soul cause I'm pretty sure Tony will take it*

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  1. browna3's Avatar
    see, i knew you were fat!
  2. Catman1975's Avatar
    good luck.

    I need to get on some sort of program. Is this an everyday workout?
  3. Dredge's Avatar
    The Army doesnt let me get fat so there

    Yes Cat, its an every day 1 hour workout. Sundays are rest days then you start right back up on Monday.
  4. Dredge's Avatar
    Now that I am off work and can see the picture...............lmao! thats too funy....but now. I am more like the one on the left actually.
  5. Jeepo's Avatar
    I am in, just got P90X, and am going to start this weekend. Browna you tubster, lets make it an ArmA special, get in on it. Catman, feel free to join us!?
  6. Gungnir's Avatar
    My bro-in-law gave me his dvds a while back, maybe I should start up too. Just need to track down the necessary gear.
  7. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Well...90 days are just about up...how about an update....will you be on the next infomercial?

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