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The xkcd chess photo

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Ah, the famous xkcd ride photo. A photo that spawned many imitations of fans. But today, on her physics field trip to Hershey Park, DrBeat (pictured right) was able to reenact the photo the the Wildcat with a friend.

Scariest ride of my life! First we, had to sneak the thing on board. The pieces weren't glued on so well, so shoving it under my sweatshirt wouldn't work. Finally, we just held it; turns out they didn't care. On the bumpy wooden roller coaster, we struggled to hold on to the flimsy paper chess board. It started to rip down the center. In the middle of the ride, a bishop flew off the board and whizzed passed our friend (the gentleman texting) behind us. Soon enough, another pawn got loose that I was able to catch with my thumb.

Finally, we got to the end of the ride and the photo. I conjured up my most thoughtful pose, my other friend holding the chessboard, was stunned from the ride and my amazing chess victory.


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  1. SilentSunshine's Avatar
  2. westyfield's Avatar
    Awesome! Doing crazy stuff like that on rollercoasters is half the fun!
  3. AdeptAbyss's Avatar
    Queen to B5, check mate in 3 moves..
  4. Dredge's Avatar
    All cool points aside.......who won?
  5. Cheburash's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AdeptAbyss
    Queen to B5, check mate in 3 moves..
    Bishop takes queen.
  6. Cheburash's Avatar
    Hey Beat, on that note...


    Your move.
  7. Catman1975's Avatar
    Beat that is the most awesome thing I have seen. Very well played!!!
  8. DrBeat's Avatar
    One of the kings fell off when I tried to shove it under my sweatshirt. So I lost before we even got on the ride!
  9. FLIPmode's Avatar
    Sounds like a funtastic day!
  10. TomDaSlaya's Avatar

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