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Adventures in Kidney stones

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So yesterday, I was dealing with some massive Mid-abdomen and right side pelvic pain. Emailed my doc, she said I should see my urologist since from what I described it sounded kidney stone related.

The pelvic pain was the worst, every time I stood up at work to go do something (yes, I care so little about my health I went to work and even waited to call my doc until later in the day because of my current work load) and when I lifted my right leg to take a step, sharp, red hot pain exploded in a very specific spot. I had to brace myself for my first few steps. Went home and laid on the couch all night, ended up running a 100.5 temperature.

I'm thinking great, it takes me weeks to get an appointment with him. I look up their number and find out they work emergencies into their schedule!!! woohoo!!! Well I didn't get in yesterday, but got in and had x-rays done this morning and saw my doc. Well no blood in my urine and no stone on the x-ray. I think, great, no stone and I'm in just as much pain as when I had stones in the past. Doc wants me to get a CT scan done, said sometimes the gas in the body can hide a stone from the xray.

Now I have had 4 stones in the past, followed up with this same doctor since the second one, I was just in two weeks ago to see him. I've never went to see him when I actually had the stone, but every time since the first I've known when I had a stone. I had to ask for pain meds....now, I was sort of upset that I had to ask, but I've been thinking about it and they didn't see a stone, I know they can't be too careful and they did give me a script for something, so I am actually thinking I am probably lucky that they looked and realized I wasn't just trying to get meds from them and gave me something to help me out. So we'll see if this is stone #5 tomorrow or see what else I have to do to find out what is causing this pain.

I'm taking suggestions for names if this turns out to be a kidney stone, my co-workers have been calling every one of my stones, "Bob the boulder" I'm thinking it's time to change that, the original stone was about 9 years ago, so I'm ready for a change I'll post a pic of one of my stones if interested.

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  1. Catman1975's Avatar
    This was the stone I passed February of 2009. It was a little bit bigger, but some chipped off as I was handling it.

  2. HiTest's Avatar
    aahhh... dude (??) !!!!
  3. Dredge's Avatar
    I would say.....Jeane Pierre would be a good fit. Dont ask.
  4. Catman1975's Avatar
    Dredge, how can I not ask!!!
  5. Catman1975's Avatar
    It's not a kidney stone after all, just acute appendicitis. Going to ER very soon to have it removed.
  6. Dredge's Avatar
    Thats exactly how mine started. All the pain was in the wrong spot so they thought it was stones and a CT showed my apendix at 11cm. See you when you get out! Feel well soon catman!
  7. Flarfignuggen's Avatar
    You know, I've been looking over your recent blog posts and I've started to wonder something...

    Have you considered putting your brain in a jar? It sure seems like you're having the worst of luck.
  8. draeh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flarfignuggen
    You know, I've been looking over your recent blog posts and I've started to wonder something...

    Have you considered putting your brain in a jar? It sure seems like you're having the worst of luck.
    Cat posts to cope with life. I applaud the fact that he still has a sense of humor and can talk about these things instead of suffering in silence.

    Cat, we're here for ya'. Hope you get that taken care of quickly and get to feeling better soon.
  9. Catman1975's Avatar
    Flarfignuggen, you know I've often wondered how some people look at my posts, because there are many times I feel like I've got the worst amount of bad luck one person can have. Believe me, there are many times I've thought about doing the equivalent of putting my brain in a jar, but my family might be upset if I were to do that, so I keep going

    draeh, thanks for remembering that, I do post to cope with life. I do try to have a sense of humor about it because if I don't laugh at my own pain and suffering, I'd do nothing but cry.

    I did have my appendix taken out via laparoscopic surgery, which definitely means a quicker recovery time. I went in at 3pm, was in surgery by 6:30pm, out of surgery and in my room by 830 or 900pm. Everyone there was extremely friendly, the surgery staff even gave me a get well soon card as I was leaving the hospital, left by 4pm the next day, would have been sooner, but my O2 levels were really low (down to 74) I tried to stay off the pain meds as long as possible, but said forget it, and took them. They said I had to keep getting up and moving to prevent blood clots. I've got 2 Norco's (5-325) to take every 4-6 hours. My butt is sore from sitting the in bed at funny angles. Doc told me that my appendix and fatty tissue were so swollen, she had to cut my belly button open to allow it to be taken out of me...she sounded like she's never (or very rarely) had to do that before. I'm still pretty sore, the meds help a lot and today I ate what I would consider a real meal and I think that helped my stomach pain a lot, I hadn't eaten anything of substance since Monday night, Tuesday is when the pain started.

    Another oddity that I'm going to have to get looked at is my CT scan showed some nodules on the nerve endings around my very lower back...I was thinking this pain was from being overweight and just normal....maybe not.
  10. Dredge's Avatar
    I'm glad to see that your doing better cat! The Doc had to slice my belly button too. It SUCKED! Well wishes and the like!

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