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Mass Effect 2

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With anticipated breath, i pre downloaded Mass Effect 2 the night before the UK steam release. Viper1986 had been kind enough to tell me that this game was amazing. Upon which i told him to shove it politely were the sun don't shine. So at release time, i restarted steam and to my joy there was no delay with playing. I got straight down to decrypting and then playing. I set up the location of my ME1 save file so i could try out the character import feature. First impressions of this game are of pure joy! the opening sequence is amazing, as well as being graphicly pleasing.

I finaly got into the game proper, and i must admit the first few hours playing into the early hours of the morning were wll worth it, and viper1986's verdict the night before had been spot on.!

I wont tell you any story breakers, but am i glad that archangel is in! shame i lost wrex, however the new krogan more than makes up for him!.

I'm going to stop writing here because Zach Shepard is calling to me!

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  1. AdeptAbyss's Avatar
    Must agree mass effect 2 is very good, worth playing, and yes archangel is awesome, was glad to see him in the game, which makes what happened in my game all the bit worse
  2. Merula's Avatar
    I started playing Mass Effect 2 yesterday, after a 5-day marathon to play ME1 start-to finish (could have made it in 2, maybe 3 days, but I do have a life ) so that I could have a "complete" character, and since I lost my previous saves. The experience so far has been incredible: Bioware really did an excellent job, from the characters introduced (all those I have encountered so far had a memorable introduction, although Archangel was probably the most well done so far), the pacing of the game, the new combat system (though I miss being able to cheese any fight by unloading all my biotic powers, charging in with an overpowered shotgun and use Adrenaline Rush to start the cycle again ), and a slew of little details that make this a thouroughly enjoyable experience.
    I heard many people comparing ME1 to Star Wars (since it had the distinct feeling of the heroic space-opera genre) and ME2 to "The Empire Strikes Back", and I can see why: although the game is not as dark as some trailers made it out to be, it is definetly more mature and the writing shows it.

    *Extremely Small Spoiler Alert!*
    As an example of good writing I suggest to anyone that is about to play the game to talk with Dr. Chakwas and complete her sidequest as soon as possible (no worries, you'll just have to buy her something for a few creds): the discussion that follows is an example of the good work the writer did, reintroducing a minor character that has not seen the protagonist for a long time, in a galaxy that has changed.
    *Extremely Small Spoiler end Here

    The only issue I have with the game is the new planet exploration minigame: a bit tedious; if I wanted to stare at a monitor trying to find something hidden I would play Sub Commander (great game btw, I still have fond memories of me hunting a Typhoon under the Arctic ices, while trying not to get detected by an enemy Akula shadowing it )!

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