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Violence, the sober problem.

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Firstly sorry for the misleading title i couldn't think of how to word it.
Secondly this is in no way religiously motivated or anti-semetic however may be ojectionalbe to those concerned.

Recently i have been watching very closely the Israelis. Haaretz is broadcastign to the tune of the general feeling of all Israel. It is a feelign of letdown and discomfort. For many years israel has been put under threat by Hamas and other Islamic "Extremists".

Many of the Israelites claim anti-semitism as the basis for initial attacks. However retaliation to this proved childish and costly.

Im sorry if this offends anyone but this is real This isn't a severed head of a Jewish child or the result of a rocket attack. It is an eight year old girl trapped beneath an apartment block the IAF bombed in retaliation during Operation Cast Lead "destroying Hamas facilities and targets in the Gaza Strip, carrying out more than 2,360 air strikes until the end of the campaign." this however is not such a target. Infact this is not even from Operation Cast Lead or "OCL" it was taken in july.... 2009. The amount of mudslinging on both sides is tantamount to a playground fight.

Israel being a world power states it is "the free state of the middle east" despite it's bombing campaign and noose-tying in journalistic freedoms. However putting into context historical grounds for israel repeated assertions that Hamas are infact the opressors is unjustified. Cast back to the late 1490's when a series of Podroms in Spain caused a mass exodus of some 1500 jes to Palestine (yes this is infact what the place was called in the 1490's). Then later in the late 19th century the first aliyah (mass migration of the jewish peoples). 30000 jews settled in Palestine among them there came ranks of the newly formed Zionist movement. Zionism used rather appropriatly infact by Hamas is a broad description of Jewish self determination and the belief in a soverign jewish state in Palestinian territory. In 1939 (The beginning of the second world war) there were some 170'000 members of the official zionist movements in Palestine itself, which is putting the figure at over 15% the total population at the time (compared to 17% now). Another pretext to the forceful eviction of the Palestinians is Palestines previous existence as a British Mandate. This allowed britain to hand over sovreignity straight to the jewish people and settlers coming in from the fifth Aliyah.

This eviction of over 30% of Palestines pre 1948 muslim population and a torrent of Jewish settlers is largely unheard in todays politics. The moves precipitated a land grab for already existing property, mostly in the hands of muslim Palestinians. However due to UN resolotion 181 it partitioned palestine in half. A jewish and Aarab sate were to be formed on equal terms but the Arab leaders declined. Rightly so this was their land and many native palestinians were force off the land into what became the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Even here on a modern day map the distribution is wholly unbalanced and far from the original partition agreements that even the israelites initially agreed to. Due to the arabs losing the war to Israel thanks to America.

I think it is wholly unjust by the Jewish state to continue to bliakcade Gaza along with it's contnued arrogance to proclaim it's authority over the situation in Gaza as if it's own goverment doesn't know. Statements from Jerusalem often sound liek this " there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" however.

Just what are the children doing if nto playing on a 25 story ruined apartemnt block?

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  1. PennyFlame's Avatar
    So what, let them decide where their borders are. Victory to the strongest. That's how things used to get done before media propaganda influenced policy. Also, children don't care if they are playing on a ruined apartment block. They are probably having a blast.
  2. Flarfignuggen's Avatar
    The aftermath of World War 1 still haunts us to this day.
  3. Niquita's Avatar
    To be honest to some extent the both of you are right. However the problem is that Palestine was strong until britian took over ,which as Flarfignuggen rightly suggests is the outcome of world war one.

    The point being is that rathere than there being an equal fair decsion many UN countries coupled with the Arab rejection of the plan saw it fit to give the Israelis the land anyway.

    British Imperialism in the 19th and 20th century has lasted many years. Contepmt for the British Mandates in the Middle East was strong as Britain was unable to control its bloated empire with it's ground forces. It turned to weapons such as poison gas and bombs to control it's polpulace. Poison gas was used by Churchill agaist what he called "recalcitrant arabs" in world war two, such as Kurds and afghans. Lloyd George prime minister in 1922 also sucessfully blocked rules against bombing civilians, with in mind not only Arabs but he wanbted to retain the right to "bomb niggers".

    This all permitted Israeli successs in aquiring 75% of palestines land.
  4. fireship4's Avatar
    I have been reading and learning about this situation recently, together with all the events leading up to WWI and through to now with regards to imperial strategy. On the israeli matter I'm currently half way through a set of videos by Alan Hart which you can find here: http://www.alanhart.net/hart-of-the-...-introduction/

    They are an interesting set of interviews with a large group of people and tell a story of Zionism being a willing tool of western imperial objectives, the creation and sustainment of Israel through terror and in the interviewer's opinion ethnic cleansing, the difference between Judaism and Zionism, Zionism's main allys, the impotence of the arab states in stopping Zionism, etc. Very informative, much of the information not said by mainstream media outlets.

    From where I am in the series he says a two state solution would be impossible now - so many have settled across the border that there would be an Israeli civil war to get them back across. He says a one state solution (to clarify, one state where both cultures live with equal rights) is more likely, not that it is at the moment.

    Must say it is balanced and pragmatic, and that the interviewer has met and dealt with many of the major players himself.
    Updated 06-13-2010 at 12:24 PM by fireship4
  5. Catman1975's Avatar
    Maybe I'm just a dumb American, but I couldn't get past the horrific picture I saw when I clicked on this blog entry.

    I'm not opposed to seeing disturbing images, but I don't like to be blindsided by them when browsing this website from work.

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