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I bought a house!

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Closed on it this morning at 11.

Now to pack... ugh.

Then move... double ugh.

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  1. Abel's Avatar
    Then unpack:P
  2. HiTest's Avatar
    Then setup a landscaping account.
  3. Catman1975's Avatar
    Nice looking house there dreah.

    As for packing, I second the ugh, but for the move, hire movers. Cost me about the same as renting a UHaul after mileage and no busted backs
  4. Cheburash's Avatar
    Nice house; congratulations!

    Also, have fun with the lawn I am having super special fun with mine -- one pass over the front lawn only (ignoring the 3/4 acres of backyard for the moment) and my eyes swelled shut for two days.

    Edit: Damn, you're in Winston? Ask me to help carry boxes and I just might
  5. draeh's Avatar
    Thanks for the offer Cheb, but we're going the mover route.

    As for the lawn... I have another 1/2 acre behind the house too. Luckily I do not have any grass allergies.... that I know of. Last time I cut grass I was still in Ohio.
  6. thedogwarrior's Avatar
    Mover... YES! Leave it to the pros, definitely. Great looking place man, and nice yard. I LOVE trees, and lots of them.
  7. Arithea's Avatar
    Congrats! It's a beautiful house; wish we could get away with that style (and that yard!) down here.
  8. Apophis's Avatar
    Congratulations!! How is the move-in going?
  9. draeh's Avatar
    The official move-in is next Friday (the 25th). For now, we are packing and moving my wife's never-ending collection of breakables. I've already had to cut the grass once (damn rain). I have the termite guy coming Saturday to install bait stations around the perimeter of the house (gotta love living in temperate climates).
  10. Arithea's Avatar
    You can send some of that rain down here! We're quite a bit low for the so-called rainy season.
  11. Exploding_Silver's Avatar
    that looks like a really beautiful house ! congrats
  12. birdie_in_Texas's Avatar
    Beautiful place sir! Congrats..! I hope the move goes as well as it can!

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