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Nathaniel(O'Niell) Bland:

Last day of January!

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I know it's Feb for some of the TG members, but here on the West Coast, it's still 9:11pm or so. It's the last day of Jan. The first month of 2010. What awaits us next month? For me it's a new video card. a GTS 250! I find that playing Bad Company 2 on an 8500 GT(The 1Gb version) just does not cut it! I play in windowed mode at 1024x768 and today I tried it(Just for kicks) at 800x600(Don't do it, it's tiny). I only have a 2.0Ghz Duel Core(OCed to 2.2Ghz. Every bit helps ) and 2Gb of RAM, but a GTS250 will still be great when I get my new Mobo and CPU later this year. Plus, I have a max rez of 1280x1024 on my monitors, so I'm not straining anything. In the middle of a round the game goes between 70%-100% CPU usage, never staying at 100% very long and only uses about 550Mb of RAM.

So that's one thing Feb will bring. It also brings my birthday. Feb. 12th I'll be 18...sheesh. I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be! I've been getting a lot of "You're only 17? Really? I would have never guessed." Now, I'll be 18. Better? Hopefully I'll use some birthday money to get my new GPU. I will hopefully be finding a job come April so that'll pay for the AMD kit I have in mind.

Let's see....what else? Feb. will bring more guitar playing, Battlefield, and being with my TG friends and fellow gamers!

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