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Wtf button!

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In contrast to my previous 3 posts here are some lighthearted Gamer freindly vids I found recently! To check out the submitters of these videos to Youtube just rigth click on each video.


Indeed! I feel this is a real anthem for Tactical Gamer and I love the song.

Well this was just plain funny when I first watchedit , though put the SOUND DOWN!!! Seriously check this guy's other vids out.

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  1. retrokill's Avatar
    Nice, the light warfare is amazing. Thanks.
  2. PaintScratcher's Avatar
    Yea, make sure to check out the modern warfare tribute he has on his channel. He is a very talented film maker.


    Thanks for the links
  3. Merula's Avatar
    Nice finds, nice finds indeed.

    man, the guys that made that light warfare and all that other cool action vids are great! And the behind the scenes making-of are incredibly interesting to watch.
    Updated 07-05-2010 at 01:51 PM by Merula

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