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Generation Blank....

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So I was doing some research trying to figure out what generation I'm considered and I've discovered that after the 1960's, the Generation lines tend to blur a bit depending on who you ask.

There are a few sites that say Generation X ranges from 1961 to 1979 and Generation Y ranges from 1990 to present. ((I guess those who were born between 1980 and 1989 are free-floaters according to these people.))

Wikipedia has Generation X ranging from 1961 to roughly 1981 and Generation Y ranging from mid to late 1970's to the early 2000's. ((So, according to wikipedia, if you're born between the mid 1970's to 1981, you can pick which one you want to be? lol))

Other sites states that Generation X is from 1965 to 1983 and Generation Y is from 1984 to 2002.

I have figured out my answer, however I find it amusing that there isn't one set decided upon answer. I'm sure in about 50 years when we're considered old they will set specific dates and the new guys will have blurred lines like we do now. But for now, I shall call myself a member of Generation Blank.

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  1. Catman1975's Avatar
    I always thought labling the generations started with the Baby Boomers and was just something the media came up with to stereotype the next generation. I guess I always considered myself a Generation Xer, that label seems to fall on anyone who was into the grunge rock bands when they came out

    I say we make up our own generation, Generation Gamer
  2. DrBeat's Avatar
    When I did my survey, I had real trouble figuring out where to place the year marks. Go figure.
  3. Cheburash's Avatar
    How about Generation Our Parents Were Too Stoned To Name Our Generation?
  4. Lorelei's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Catman1975
    I say we make up our own generation, Generation Gamer
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheburash
    How about Generation Our Parents Were Too Stoned To Name Our Generation?
    I'm not sure which one I like better. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by DrBeat
    When I did my survey......
    There's a survey??
  5. Cheburash's Avatar
    Beat's methodical that way
  6. markolh's Avatar
    generation X....Y...Z.... when are we gonna get generation Apple? XD or IPod
  7. Harlequin's Avatar
    Yeah that's the ticket, rent your generation out as ad-space to a corporation...Generation Starbucks has a nice ring to it.

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