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TG Blog's Eh...

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Well, I have a http://www.strangelove.com, a blog, just started online Picasa picture collections (seems easy than Flickr), a http://www.facebook.com/michael.strangelove, a Twitter, hundreds of YouTube videos, and now this.

Still do not have access to the Sandbox . . . must be something I said.

Here is my most popular TG video (over 1,000 views on YouTube):

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Updated 08-31-2010 at 09:37 AM by E-Male

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  1. Skud's Avatar
    You have to apply for membership to the sandbox. It's a usergroup on the site...

    Go to settings > Permission Groups (on left side of screen) > Scroll down and find the sandbox group.

    They enacted this a few years back to limit trolling.

    By the way, I've been following your site for a while now. What is your PHD in?
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    Thanks Skud. And thanks for reading me.

    The Ph.D was in Religious Studies and was about the Internet -- revised in my book, The Empire of Mind: Digital Piracy and the Anti-Capitalist Movement. I have been an adjunct Professor (fancy word for "part time" prof at the University of Ottawa for the past ten years.
  3. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Like Skud I've been enjoying your little corner of the internet with glee since we've met. I love the fresh face students and their ummm energy...ya...that's it. You couldn't make the stuff up you document...why would you have to...!!!

    Glad to see you around TG land once again.

    PS...the youtube link above seems broken...
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    Good to see you in the forums again Grunt! Link fixed.
  5. Xmaster's Avatar
    I love you E-male. and I dearly miss you
  6. E-Male's Avatar
    And I love all of you dudes and dudettes!

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