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Video: The Kill Shot

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I'll make more of these, but the footage is, for me, hard to come by.

I need good lighting, a clear scene, and I must be up close to the target. Which usually means I am the dead guy . . .

(Play in HD for best viewing experience.)

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  1. Jeepo's Avatar
    Nice emale. I remember your video on Qwai River in PR, with the guy on the tower above you. Very slick. Hit me up a PM with your BC2 user name so I can add you, I always seem to end up on the other team...........
  2. Dredge's Avatar
    Aimbots! Haxorz! Nice shootin man!
  3. AdeptAbyss's Avatar
    poor wall got shot more than he did
  4. Grim.the.Grim's Avatar
    Quick call a mason!!! The wall needs some repairs!

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