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A Recruit's Diary

Rivers of Adrenaline

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Wow! I've just had one the most exiting PR expierience so far. It got my heart pounding and for a couple of minutes my hands almost shook. (I know the latter is not really great while playing games)

We were playing Battle for Qinling, I was on the Chinese team. (Against my wishes, since I wanted to team up with my fellow TG collegues. Namely BlackPython222 whom I followed yesterday in a great Insurgency match. Well... Except for the one time when my premature trigger finger caused the squad to die... I still feel ashamed!)
We were trying to cap Hill 154 from the west. The enemy forces were dug in deep in the east.
My SL and I were trying to get to their FOB by flanking them north. It was a very, very long walk and my SL was a little bit too fast so I always just saw him as a dot in the distance.
Finally I was catching up, when he got shot. No medic around, no backup, I was alone north of the enemies position.
I've waited in cover for quite a while, because I couldn't get a visual on the shooter. After a couple of minutes everything was clear and quiet, so I kept heading south.

Normally I don't seperate from my squad unless specificly told so. I'm still a noob, I often don't have the best idea what to do and I really want to play the game right.
But this time I was about a kilometer away from them and I figured the best I could do was to cause a disturbance in the enemy lines to give them a little time while capping.
I was about 100 meters from the FOB when I saw lots of enemy movement. I held my fire, circled around the firebase to get into their backs and almost got shot when two tangos were heading directly towards me.
Somehow, even after I threw a granade in their direction, I managed to vanish again and waited. Yet again.
After slipping by a sniper I ran towards the firebase and literally jumped into a nice, thick bush.

The FOB was less than 50 meters west of me. I don't know how many guys were out there but to me... it looked like a lot! Plus an APC - of course.
When there were only two guys at the FOB, one prone, the other one looking west, I decided to make a run for it.
It really got my heart going and I hoped that if someone was looking, they wouldn't look too close and just think I was one of them... x]
Nobody shot at me, everyone was looking west. I ran directly into the FOB with my bayonet out and stabbed the radio. The guys sitting right next to it didn't really have time to react when I also stabbed him. And the nice fella on the left side too.

It was... just... awesome!

Of course after the FOB got down I got shot... but to me - it was worth it!
Maybe it wasn't the most realistic thing to do... Propably not.
I didn't even get kills for it since they revived the guys of course and started to build the FOB again.
But it was a great thing to do, it was fun and it really gave me a rush. Good thing we won the round or I would worry even more about how realistic and 'TG-ish' my course of action was...

Damn... I'm still stoked x]

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  1. Dredge's Avatar
    Great read. Glad to see you having the fun we all enjoy here at TG. It will only keep getting better my friend!
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    Excellent after action report! We have all suffered from the shame of "premature trigger finger" at one point or another.
  3. Vouk's Avatar
    Thanks guys.
    Yeah Dredge it does! The problem is... I'm about to buy ArmA2... And I don't know if PR and ArmA can live next to each other x]
  4. Celestial1's Avatar
    They sure can, considering that PR for ArmA2 is in development...

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