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Quest for the ultimate media server - MVix Ultio Pro MX880-HD

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So, I'm a big home theater/AV guy. Over the past few years I've been bouncing around trying to find the best streaming media server solution for my home network. I've done everything from FreeNAS using DLNA to stream through my PS3 or XBox 360, OpenFiler running iSCSI back to my desktop with TVersity, PlayOn or Microsoft's Media Server solution, and even a conventional HTPC connected directly to my TV.

In all these cases I've found numerous drawbacks from choppy playback, inability to properly stream NetFlix, cumbersome UI, or just having too many machines powered on just to watch some TV.

A few weeks ago I came across the MVix Ultio Pro MX880-HD. It's a set-top appliance that does EVERYTHING I'm looking for and it's very affordable, especially when compared to the amount of power I need to suck up to run the alternate solutions.


I placed the order today with 2 day shipping. I plan on reporting here through the receipt, unboxing, setup, and utilization of the device. Ultimately I am going to do a review of the thing (it's so new I can't find a single review out there).

Hopefully this will be the magic bullet I need to seriously simplify my home media setup. Time will tell!

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  1. draeh's Avatar
    It sounds awesome. I've been struggling with the same dilemma. That looks like a really nice box for $168 sans HD & $348 with a bundled 2TB. I can't wait to hear how it works out.
  2. Apophis's Avatar
    I was shocked. I ended up going with the model with 2GB drive already installed because the price difference between that and buying my own 2GB drive (with additional shipping) wasn't extreme enough to buy it separately. Plus; I get direct support for the whole box since MVix is providing everything.
  3. KnyghtMare's Avatar
    I've been using a mix of technology for this for a while now to great effect.

    Piece 1: A 3TB network accessable RAID. Nice and fast with tons of storage, all of my DVDs have been copied to this device.
    Piece 2: Windows XP with TwonkyMedia and PlayOn installed (DLNA servers for stored media and web media). PlayOn has support for plugins and scripts so we have access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, CBS and more.
    Piece 3: PlayStation 3, capable of playing music and video from the DLNA servers.
    Piece 4: TV and dolby 5.1 sound system. With optical sound and HDMI output from the PS3 my picture is crystal clear and the sound is perfect (just be sure to keep the 5.1 surround sound channels when encoding your own DVDs).

    The only problem I've had with this setup so far is PlayOn. Playing hulu and netflix can get a bit messy at the moment but my DLNA server has a Core 2 Duo so it's capable of working hard.
  4. Apophis's Avatar
    That sounds a lot like the mess I was working with. I don't want to have all that hardware powered on just to watch video. I'm looking for the MX-880HD to replace ALL of that crap and do it all in one simple set-top box format.
  5. Dredge's Avatar
    Please let us now how it works out. I am in the same situation with all of my AV gear. Its like powering up the space shuttle just to watch a movie. Something like that could really make life simple again.
  6. Apophis's Avatar
    I'll certainly keep everyone in the loop. This will ultimately result in a full review of the product on the front page. Until then; I'll be posting regular updates in my blog as this project moves forward!

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